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Carnist are a DIY hardcore punk band from London England. Unlearn is our first album. It deals with the concept of unlearning societal norms and cultural traits which are contrary to our nature - be that our attitude towards non human animals or indeed humans who do not fall in line with stifling, archaic and claustrophobic ideas of what it is to be human. We oppose patriarchy, religion (and the myriad of ways these institutions have marred society - be that misogyny, homophobia, transphobia et al) and Speciesism. For fans of angry vegan feminist hardcore, Dropdead, Trial, Propagandhi, Infest, siege, Protestant.
Best enjoyed whilst drinking a nice cup of tea.


released December 12, 2013

Guitar - Gerfried
Bass - Olly
Drums - Dave
Vocals -Alex

Guest Vocals
Matthew and Lee (Light bearer), Jasmine (Neocons/No babies), Anna (Amber) Michele (Gottesmorder), Oskar and Erik (Monachus)

"patriarchy" quote by Chally Kacelnik, read by Alex

"carnism" quote by Dr. Melanie Joy - www.carnism.org.

With huge thanks to Tom for his contribution to this record. Tom was originally the second vocalist in Carnist but for personal reasons decided to leave the band. He contributed to lyrics and song ideas, and the song October 13th is all about his experiences with animal liberation. Thank you Tom!

Recorded by the wonderful and extremely patient James Bragg at Middle Farm Studios, Newton Abbot, 2013.



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carnist UK

Carnist are a DIY hardcore punk band from London England.

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Track Name: Unlearn
So much more

We find ourselves both monarch and fool
Turned a blind eye to all that we knew
Egalitarian cemetery plot
This marks the spot of our lobotomy

Look how far we have now strayed!
The gross indecency, look at the state of us!
Once nomadic gatherers and far less of us
Unbridled by the grip of mans own vanity

We're barely living
Feeding our own death

I plead with those willing to listen
Still harbour these feelings within
For this kingdom of land and flesh
Is not ours and never was
Track Name: So Much More
So much more

Demonise that
Which does not abide
The dishonest conventions
Imposed masquerade

(taught to)
Hate for her empowering
Him for loving him
Him for not wanting to be her
Not for you to sneer at, for you to slur!

The prisons we've made of our bodies

Gender binary, its not good for everyone!
Heteronormative, its not the fucking norm!

We can be so much more
Than the sign on a bathroom door
We can be so much more
Than these roles we are talked into / forced into
Track Name: Eating Children
Eating children

The slab of meat that lies before you
Do you care from where it came?
The hunk of muscle, laced with veins
A babies flesh cleaved from its limbs

Gorge upon her child corpse
Struggle to digest with no remorse
Pores leak sweat laced with her scent
Plate smeared with her blood and fat

Palm off this murder with desire
Consent with vigour to eat this child
Her broken body lifeless, sallow
Eat of her organs, suck of her marrow

Faulty logic based on the assumption
That a life is only worth your pleasure
A rationale clung to tradition
Lets face it fucker. You eat children.
Track Name: Carnist

Has it ever dawned on you
Our anatomy so ineffective
Have you drooled for the fattened calf?
Do you hunt, do you bite, do you claw?
Or crave their innards, red and raw

Learned behaviour
Taught to hunger
Not to question

Clever minds made meals of them
Against the grain homo vegan
Partition meat from its living source
So that we can live with this choice

Society has staked a claim
That we must eat to maintain
Where life is cheap and profit sought
Witness the pain that we have wrought
Track Name: Crosses

Grovel low on bended knee
Giving in willingly
Hopeless,the scriptures speak in
Vulgar vowels and syllables

Shackles forged of parables
These are binding words
Empty margins the vacant lot
to annotate a life

We are weighted down
We stumble on empty claims
Alibis for atrocious deeds
And yet we never falter [off course]

Kneel down on bended knee
Giving in willingly
Hopeless,the scriptures speak in
Vulgar vowels and syllables

Eyes that steal innocence
The sorcery of piety
Cruelty finds a recipient
In the hearts of some

Your Gods, your temple serves
Their minds are hung on crosses
The valley runs with the blood
Of all who enter here

Your Gods, your temple serves
Their minds are strung on crosses
Strung zealous with wilful torpor
From their very own parapets

Your Gods are living stone
Weight of compacted dirt
Peaks now men at arms
The sentries of the sky
Track Name: A History Of Violence
History of violence

We've made our ward a victim
Worn down their humility
Satisfaction guaranteed
By defiling their bodies

History of violence

Made a mockery of all
Revolting smiles, salacious maws
Our mouths now sodden valves
With which to sate our lust

The concept of violence
With hands we touch and grope
Ball fists and beat and choke
With eyes we crave their death

You take and take and take
Their milk, their blood, their bones
Farms house the sadists altar
Eat their body, drink of their blood
Track Name: October 13th
October 13th

Their terrified nights
Your apathetic days
The constant turmoil
Of their pain
Close my eyes
Seeing red

I'll never understand
I'll never forgive
By any means
No idle threats

The hands that cut
The heads that nod
The minds that sanction
Should never sleep again
Track Name: Festive Cheer
Festive cheer

Amidst the laughs and smiles
Hushed words and raised glasses
The serious incantations, a toast to all,
The curtains raise

Stand guard over traditions
Argue culture, argue opinions
None appease the savagery
Or make still the hungry ghosts

Reveal our folly, the dead will bay!
For blood amidst the liturgy
Plates and cups filled to the brim

Gaudy lights, colour blinding
Upon the door the wreathe that hangs
Morbidly fitting demarkation
Making graves of our homes

Our lavish displays to celebrate
Disregard the lives erased
Offal hung with festive cheer
Ritual is slick with fear

Madness! Our troughs will overspill
Vitriol! We've never had our fill
Cry out! We're always wanting more
Cry havoc! Our jaws hung slack with drool
Track Name: Objectify

Feeble whims
Slavish we succumb
Turning someone into something
To claim a body, divide and conquer

Concepts of manhood
The unthinking sloth
Dribbling the vileness
of patriarchal wrath

Leering eyes care little for
Those they cast their gaze upon
Taking what is not theirs
That defiant NO does not means yes
Track Name: Leviticus My Ass
Leviticus my ass.

By decree this fate was sealed
Police our lives with the absurd
Not an ounce of pity spared
As they condemn the love of others

Despite we love anyway ,
In the face of their hatred

How dare they cast their stones

Revolted by compassion?
Disgusted by love?
Theology/theocracy to justify
They learned this bigotry

How dare they cast their stones

Judge not lest you be judged
I'll take their book and play their game
Deep seated desires of a life unlived
Buried deep unable to admit [who they love]
Track Name: Beholder

I cannot stand this sight
A disfigurement
Claw at skin unwanted
Honed a self critique

When did these ideals
Paint such vivid lines
Within which we will never
Quite manage to fall

The beholders eyes are cataract
We [only] see the fallow skin
See wrong where there is none
Distorted by ill feeling

Witness beauty in anyone
Admiration falls short of our own
Invest so many hours in
The stringent act of self loathing

The beholders eyes are cataract
We only see the fallow skin
We see wrong where there is none
Only ourselves to blame

Behold our bodies beautiful, to rescind that blame
Track Name: A dog is a life, not just for your entertainment
A dog is a life, not just for your entertainment

Bred in spite
Of natures creed
Fashion castes,
Desired breeds

Survival is no longer a given
The fittest fall by the wayside
We've stripped them of their mentality
The packs unwanted qualities

Made squat forms of canis lupus
Mangled bodies for fleeting trends
Inbred mothers with their sons
A form thats fouls their genes

For aesthetics
Training monsters
Once gentle creatures

But all of this pales in comparison
You're the centre of attention,
Their love for you is unconditional
because its always about you

Made squat forms of canis lupus
Mangled bodies for fleeting trends
Inbred mothers with their sons
A form that fouls their genes
Track Name: Cracked Record
Cracked record

Doggedly carrying the same torches and forks
To find blame where the fault does not lie

Asphyxia smiles as we snuff out the light
Some gave up their conscience to fight the wrong fight

We overcome so much ill will only for sickly hands to throttle
We are generations in mourning yet what we've gained is paper thin

Apartheids in hearts and in nation states
As the new threat arises in the guise of the old
Characteristics that we project
The things we fear, avoid and reject
Track Name: Punx is small town

We all had the same false starts
Awkward kids and outcasts
Low self esteem and identity
Brought us all together

Learning life lessons
On lyric sheets
Sewing our hearts
On our jacket sleeves

Radical ideas and
Songs of protest
We started bands
So that we could address

Xeroxed zines and news print fingers
Formative years of our profane existence
Black and white, high contrast
We're the kids who learned to play fast

We're well aware
That nothing is perfect
We learn from our mistakes
And we're better for it

For the punx
and not for profit
DIY or die
Its worth our effort

How we feel, what we do and how we think
Thats why i'll always be a fucking punk

Crass icons and Circled A's
These truly are the end of days
Our throats are sore, our punk is raw
The angry young and fucking poor

Vegans, anarcha feminists!
Straight edge, queer, anti fascists!
We heard our calling
Through thoughtful anger

We are a community
Of friendships and ideologies
Frowns and crosses upside down